Making Sour Cherry Liqueur -Part Two

Hi again!

It’s been a few weeks since I posted and I wanted to catch you up to date on the making of the sour cherry liqueur called Visnja or Visnjata. If you missed Part One, just scroll down through my earlier posts to find it and then you will be all caught up!Cherry10



I use a large dark bottle to make the final product, and I use local vodka for the alcohol in my liqueur. You can use rakija ( or moonshine, as it’s known in the US) but it is too sharp a taste for me. I like to have a smooth, sweet cherry taste instead of something that tastes like cough syrup, so I use vodka.


I pour the cherry mixture into the large bottle, pits and all, without straining anything. Once that is done, I add the two bottles of vodka and swish everything around so as to get thoroughly mixed.



Next, I cap the top with cheesecloth so I can let any remaining fermentation gasses to escape, and then I store it away in a dark room for three months. At that time I will strain out the pits and bottle the fantastic tasting cherry liqueur. These next two pictures are of last year’s batch, but I wanted to show you how it turns out. It tastes as good as it looks!



Just for looks, I usually add a couple of the cherries at the bottom. You can use the cherries ( after you remove the pits) in fruitcake, or make a heavy syrup and add them for a topping for ice cream. You can also dry them and eat plain. Don’t throw them out as they are really good unto themselves! This is pretty simple to make, but it takes time, and the wait is well worth it! Enjoy!!

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