The renovation commences…….again……..

waste2 waste4The wagon to haul away all the waste from construction arrives and is parked in our driveway.

Becki and I had fun posing in front of this wagon which has seen a lot of action in its life.


old tile2Here is a picture of the old tub, sink toilet and bidet after we started removing the fixtures.old tile3






You can see by the floor outlines how crowded this little room actually was. I usually had to step out into the hall after my shower to have a enough room to towel off!




The bathtub has been removed and the old tiles, floor and supports are starting to get jack hammered away.waste1Here is the wagon filled with all of the old fixtures, tiles, walls and flooring ready to be hauled away to the plumbing4

The next step was removing all the tiles and then jack hammering where the new plumbing and drains were to be plumbing7






Once all pipes were in place, it’s time to cement everything back into the walls so the tile master can level the surfaces prior to installing the new fixtures2




All the new fixtures were delivered and placed into a holding area while we were waiting for the tile master to finish his part of the tile3

The new tiles all all set and are beautiful!new bathroom3




Here is the new shower and part of the bathroom7




And here is the final product…..



our NEW bathroom!!!!!!!

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