Garden Update!

garden- July 4th

This is one of the latest pictures taken of the progress being made in the garden. We have already had a few cherry tomatoes, Swiss chard and potatoes, and zucchini. Everything seems to be doing well, although we are having so much rain that the ground has got to be waterlogged by now. I’m sure the beets and carrots love it, but the onions, tomatoes and potatoes are having a hard time. Hopefully it will dry out in a couple of weeks and then all the veggies will have a growth spurt with the warm sunshine shining on them.

It will be time this weekend to do the next step in the Sour Cherry Liqueur making, but I might have to let the jars sit another few days since our weather feels more like March than July. I’ll be posting updated pics soon on that project……


Speaking of projects, the house is now completely finished in renovations just in time for company arriving. When we underwent a total redo of the house a few years back, we forgot to do the upstairs bathroom. It has been a sore thumb to us ever since….the bathtub was so small you could only put a small child in it, and the toilet had no water tank, just an on/off water valve. The room is only about 4 feet X 6 feet and a tub, sink, toilet, bidet and radiator were all crammed in that little tiny space……well, its gorgeous now……..I’m culling through pictures and will share them on my next post…..

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