Summer arrives tomorrow!

Summer solstice arrives tomorrow….the day and night are equal in length and then the days start getting shorter and shorter and we start heading into the second half of the year already! I can not believe that this is our fourth summer here in Croatia. From the very first blog I posted in 2010 to now, with all the adventures, renovations and travels in between, it seems like yesterday, and it seems like an eternity all at the same time. We haven’t been doing much traveling as of yet, partially because we are waiting on the Croatian government giving Becki an ID card to cross the borders more easily, but more because we are saving the big trip to coordinate with Becki’s milestone birthday coming up in August. We will be spending an entire week in Venice Italy in a rented apartment just steps from the famous Rialto Bridge  (for those of you who are familiar with the city and its canals). I will have lots to share with you at that time but for now you have to be content with just seeing pictures of our garden growing.Image

This was taken yesterday and with the weather cooperating with not so hot temps and more scattered rain that usual, we are going to have a bumper crop this year. We got a really cool pepper plant from Holland at the local nursery and we have already made a chicken paprikash dish with the peppers picked from this plant ( say that fast three times….)Image

It’s guaranteed to last through the summer and as you pick a pepper another one grows. Unfortunately it is only a seasonal plant so it will die in the fall, but everything we plant and grow dies anyway because there is no one here to tend things year round. We invest a good couple of weeks when we arrive to reseeding the lawns, laying the beauty bark, planting the flower pots and putting in and tending the garden, not to mention ( as I did in the last post) finishing up the straining and bottling of the previous fall’s liqueur batch, and cracking the nuts from our trees to make into flour, chopped nuts for baking, and milk.Image

We harvested a bumper crop of walnuts and hazelnuts last fall.Image

Here’s Becki shelling some of the hazelnuts yesterday.

Anyway, I have been busy creating some more new music, as I purchased a new Yamaha PSR750 a couple weeks ago so my keyboards are compatible with each other in both countries, all I have to do is take my USB stick with me and I can work on my stuff on both sides of the world…ahhh, technology is great……I’ve got two laptops with my studios, two keyboards, two iPads… makes it so much easier when passing through security checkpoints, just me….no gear! I’ll tease you with some of it in one of my next posts, in the meantime, Happy Solstice and keep raising your vibrations!!!!!


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