It’s been awhile!

Boy! Time flies when you are eating frogs……No, seriously I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted last. Lots has happened in the past couple weeks. We planted the garden and here are a couple pics of the crops coming up:Image,

Potatoes in the foreground, new baby lettuce under the paper boat hats, then a row of tomatoes and more lettuce, beets carrots and onions in the next section, then Swiss chard followed by bush beans and finally cucumbers, zucchini, and cantaloupe.

In addition to the regular garden I planted an assortment of herbs back by the wine tasting room:Image

parsley, rosemary and thyme, cilantro and mint.

And finally Becki has planted more cucumbers and round carrots in pots:Image


We have been busy getting rid of wasp nests, ant colonies in the garage,  killing an infestation of flies in the house from who knows where, reseeding lawns, planting decorative flowers in the planters on the porch, killing aphids and grape disease by spraying with soap and water on the grape vines and roses, and in general doing in two weeks what some folks do all year round! Now we are back at a manageable stage and we can sit back and relax on the terrace at night with a nice cold beverage surveying our handiwork.

We have had fun as well, we went to a reception for our neighbor’s daughter who had her second communion, and we took the train  to Zagreb and went to the open air market to buy fresh strawberries ( which Becki turned into jam), and we had a BBQ at Drazen’s house with his family and found out that his daughter Nina, whose wedding we attended last June is expecting her first child. Last year before we left for the states we kidded Drazen that he would be a grandfather soon, and he said, no, no way……..well, we should have made a bet on it, cause we were right…next year when we get back here there will be a little stinker running around his place. Both Becki and I wish him to have a boy as he has been surrounded by women in his house, as well as working for us, but as  long as the baby is healthy it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl.

One last thing before I sign off today is I finished  the straining and bottling of the quince liqueur I started last fall before we flew to AZ.  I know I posted some pics in last years blog of the prep involved in the effort, but here is is again:Image

Ignore the cat food!


These are quinces, they are like a cross between and apple and a pear. An ancient Middle Eastern fruit.


After being sliced, diced, bathed in Vodka and cinnamon and ready to put away over the winter.

Here is the final product…’s tastes as good as it looks!Image

Just posting about it has made me thirsty!

Those of you that come visit can sample my homemade cherry and walnut liqueur as well!

See you again soon, and I hope it won’t be as long as last time!

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