Happy Memorial Day!

I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone who has served in the US Military, and THANK YOU for your service! It’s easy for us to all think that Memorial Day is the start of summer vacation travel, BBQs, and picnics, but we wouldn’t be able to celebrate this day without the sacrifices our veterans made for us. Thank you, thank you………and to my dad, who is a Battle of the Bulge survivor and is still alive and kicking (strongly) at 94 1/2…I thank you for surviving that year you spent in the army hospital with shrapnel in your body and having the will to go on because you believed in your adopted country, the USA. I am now living in your birth country and Becki and I had the Croatian equivalent of hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill and flew the American flag proudly today.

I don’t have a picture of today’s dinner but I do have one of the fantastic duck dinner we had on Saturday.


Fresh young roast duck with mlinci and broccoli. One of my favorites! Anyone who visits us here in Donja Stubica will need to partake of this regional favorite. I think we have the recipe down pat and if we ever open our place as a B and B ( which is a goal ) this will be on the menu.

We got some more rain today, along with a lot of thunder and lightning. The garden got a good soaking and everything smells fresher after a Spring rain. Tomorrow I will be working in the back laying bark down and finishing planting the rest of the flowers we bought this past weekend at the Saturday market.

Have a great rest of the Holiday weekend and see you soon!

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